American Stereotypes

This is sort of a rant I guess… So be warned. lol
I thought it would be funny to look up some American Stereotypes from other countries, you know?
And the most common ones are the ones that we’ve kinda brought onto ourselves: Fat and Lazy
But there were a few that I didn’t completely understand. Like:
Americans are loud and obnoxious … most of the Americans I know are either really shy, or are only loud when they get to know you… So to all of you from the UK and Asia/Africa/Australia: if an American is loud and obnoxious to you, be glad. That means they like you ;)
Another that we brought onto ourselves is that all of the girls are super-sluts. Lets face it… There are super-sluts in EVERY country. So don’t just single ours out.
Also: American’s are stupid. Yup. We Are SUPER stupid… We have some of the best colleges/universities in the world… you don’t get those from stupid people :)
We “wreck” the original “English” language… if all of your friends and family said the word trunk (indicating the back part of the car that opens up) instead of the boot (i think thats what they call it in England) then you would say it to.
Bottom line: Think before you judge :)
About 50% of Americans aren’t as bad as you think they are. That doesn’t seem like much, But I guarantee  its the same in your country :)
This has been my rant. Not meant to be offensive in any way to others… Love you all!

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