1. Teacher: do you think this poem means?
     Student: Blah blah ( after long explanation) 
     Teacher: No thats wrong.

2. Teacher Says this paper is best ever i have ever read.
     but gives only 95% and says No paper is perfect.

3. Teacher: you should not go to the bathroom.... you should have gone during lunch.

4. Teacher : Here is the helpful website on the white copy it into your URL bar.

5. She requires 3 ring binder.

    but never holes punches in anything.

6.Teacher: Your final answer was correct but you point for not working it out in my specific way.

7. Teacher: "didnt get your papers graded, i teach other classes too"....

                 After Sometimes she says : "You need to finish your homework...i dont care if you have other classes"

8. Teacher: " oh you dont get how to do it... let me explain the exact same way i explained it the first time"

9. Teacher: " If you missed the bell, you missed the class, i dont make the rules" .... " the bell doesnt dissmiss you , i dismiss you"

10.  Student gets right answer on the test. But teacher marked wrong just because you done it differently than she expected.

11.  Teacher asks you " why are you late" then she says " i dont want to hear excuses"

12. Teacher: "oh you cant spell that word" .... "look it up in this book where words are sorted by spelling"

13. " i have graded all your test....but i cant let you see the grade..because one student hasnt taken the test yet."

14. whole class has their hands up...but picks the student who doesnt have the students hands up.

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